5 Boat Care Tips

Caring for a boat ensures the vessel provides many long-lasting years for the owner. Boats come into constant contact with water, which causes an array of problems that can shrink the lifetime and enjoyment of the vessel if you do not take action to prevent mishaps. Boat care isn’t as difficult as many people suspect. Keep the five tips below in mind to reduce worry and prolong boat lifetime.

1.    Wash Your Boat: The easiest boat care tip owners should utilize is washing their boat. When you wash the boat, salt water, fungus and algae, and other miscellaneous debris is removed from the boat, reducing risks of corrosion and other problems that cause the need for expensive repairs.

2.    Change the Oil:  Oil changes are important for any motor, including that in your boat. Just as you change the oil in your vehicle regularly, so, too, should the oil in the boat receive regular changes.

3.    Schedule Service: When mishaps occur despite your best efforts, do not ignore the damage, hopeful it will just go away. That simply does not happen and causes more problems for you at the end of the day. DIY boat repair is simple with the myriad of replacement marine parts available or you can hire a pro to take care of the work instead.

replacement marine parts

4.    Proper Storage: Winter can be devastating to an unprotected boat. Make sure winter protection is most important when weather changes. You can arrange for many types of boat storage. Choose your favorite and take advantage of the protection!

5.    Flush the Engine: After each outing in the water on your boat, flush the engine. It may seem like a big job because it is, but it’s much better than the alternative of an engine gone bad. Besides, you’ll learn engine flushing like a pro in no time.

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