3 Reasons to Become an Oilfield Water Hauler

Water hauling is a lucrative career that could take you all over the United States. Oilfield water hauling has its specific benefits, which we will discuss below. There are three main benefits when it comes to oilfield water hauling – high wages, experience required, and high demand.


Water hauling jobs north dakota

Water hauling jobs north dakota trucking professionals seeking jobs may be surprised at the high pay rate, which starts at about $17 an hour and continues rising based on your experience. You are also likely to accrue plenty of overtime, which means even individuals with very little experience can earn $35 an hour or more. There is a slight catch to this – you are responsible for maintaining trucks and keeping them in good condition, which often means performing daily maintenance.


The trucking industry doesn’t require much experience to get started – many times, all you need is about 6 weeks of training and a big of road experience. Because you’ll be on the road, your ability to maneuver and work hard is essential to success in the industry. Though requirements are minimal, training is rigorous, and individuals are expected to know specific process, tools, regulations, and how to handle equipment.


Demand should be considered when applying to jobs and it is not lacking in the oil and gas industry – in fact, the demand is quite high. You’ll find that many companies are in need of workers for water hauling, especially in hot spots like North Dakota, Texas, and Pennsylvania. It is still vulnerable to recession, as many professions are, but work is easy to find if you look hard enough.

Water hauling is lucrative and requires dedication and hard work, but it is worth it. If you’re interested in becoming a water hauler, do your research and find out what requirements you need to get started.

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