Common Problems With Diesel Truck Fuel Systems

A diesel truck is not an ordinary vehicle. As such, there are several risks that you face as a driver of this automobile that aren’t there when operating other types of vehicles. You should be forewarned of these problems so that you can take action if it becomes necessary. Some of the most common diesel truck fuel system issues include:

Oxidized Oil

Oil oxidation is a problem that occurs when the oil sits in a truck’s engine system for too long. It is a serious problem that alters the performance of the truck as well as the fuel economy you will receive, but one that can be fixed after installing a fass system in most cases.


Black Smoke

Black smoke coming out of the exhaust of a diesel truck may seem common, but it is not. It can signal any number of problems that can cause the truck to breakdown on the side of the road, including issues with the exhaust system.

Hard Starting

When the truck won’t crank, it could be due to cold weather but there is a good chance that it is something far more complex. It’s a good idea to take the truck in for an inspection to determine the cause of this trouble.

Lack of Power

When your truck lacks power, it is time to find out why. There are several reasons why the truck may lack power, including problematic fuel injectors, dirty fuel filters, and many others.

If your truck gives you trouble, call a professional to take a look. There are many issues that can cause a diesel truck to malfunction but most can be easily repaired with an expert on the job. Keep the information above in mind to enjoy a smooth ride through the miles.